Importance of Beta Readers

Let’s say you have your novel done, maybe even the editing portion, or maybe not. You’re staring at the document, wondering where to go. Do you get it formatted? Proofread? Or just upload it to Amazon, ready to publish and say screw it? Remember when we talked about the fears of rejection? Maybe you areContinue reading “Importance of Beta Readers”

Fear of Rejection

I think everyone fears rejection and, in my opinion if they don’t, they aren’t human! For some reason, it seems ingrained in our daily lives, in every aspect we do and accomplish. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a writer, an author, since I was eighteen years old (please don’t do the mathContinue reading “Fear of Rejection”

Why Wattpad Might Be A Bad Idea

When authors think of marketing their writing, their books, themselves basically, they consider multiple ways of getting it into the hands of readers, even large chunks for free as to draw them to the sale. And that’s not a bad idea. If there weren’t such high risks involved. Mainly, plagiarism. The main one that comesContinue reading “Why Wattpad Might Be A Bad Idea”

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional

There are many stigmas of self-publishing, but I do have to say that when I started out ten years or so ago, it was even worse and not as common. I was often told that anyone who was self-published wasn’t really an author. Yeah, I was told that, constantly. Which, I will say, made meContinue reading “Self-Publishing vs. Traditional”

Writing Software – How It Changed My Life

Through the years, as I began and continue my writing journey, I’ve tried multiple software applications, programs, and routines when writing my books. Even going so far as to watch numerous YouTube videos on a regular basis, searching blindly for ideas, thing to be more organized and the best way to get stuff arranged, established,Continue reading “Writing Software – How It Changed My Life”

Working Project!

So today, I want to talk about my current project. The working title is called The Perfect Witness. I don’t know if it’s going to stick but just something about that title always hooks me. When I’m in reader mode, if the title grabs me, then I’ll look at the cover. If the cover isContinue reading “Working Project!”

Building Your Online Presence

Good morning Friends! Today’s blog might be a little short but today’s piece of advice for you all is growing your online presence, even if you haven’t published yet. When I first started writing, I didn’t think of anything beyond that. Writing. Getting my book written. Pages in my hand. And yet something nagged atContinue reading “Building Your Online Presence”

The Publication Process

Good morning my beautiful friends! Today I’m going to talk about the publication process. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the publishing process, what is involved and so forth. I even saw one comment on Facebook that it took thousands to publish a book! Talk about OUCH! That’s not true though. ItContinue reading “The Publication Process”

Research For The Perfect Witness – The FBI

I’ve been working on a thriller for the past few months, a new one. I have multiple and intense thrillers already in my queue but something about this plot, these characters, really has me hooked and I’m only the writer! I’m praying my readers feel the same way once I get it done. Now I’veContinue reading “Research For The Perfect Witness – The FBI”