Why Wattpad Might Be A Bad Idea

When authors think of marketing their writing, their books, themselves basically, they consider multiple ways of getting it into the hands of readers, even large chunks for free as to draw them to the sale. And that’s not a bad idea. If there weren’t such high risks involved. Mainly, plagiarism. The main one that comesContinue reading “Why Wattpad Might Be A Bad Idea”

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional

There are many stigmas of self-publishing, but I do have to say that when I started out ten years or so ago, it was even worse and not as common. I was often told that anyone who was self-published wasn’t really an author. Yeah, I was told that, constantly. Which, I will say, made meContinue reading “Self-Publishing vs. Traditional”

Building Your Online Presence

Good morning Friends! Today’s blog might be a little short but today’s piece of advice for you all is growing your online presence, even if you haven’t published yet. When I first started writing, I didn’t think of anything beyond that. Writing. Getting my book written. Pages in my hand. And yet something nagged atContinue reading “Building Your Online Presence”