New Addition! Life Speaks…

Have you ever looked back and wondered about life? The paths you took and what led you to the moment where you were looking back?

So many things have happened in the past year that I’m still shell shocked. Life has a way of completely blowing your mind and causing you to question aspects of your life that you hadn’t considered before.

For example, I now have a son. He’s two months old and the pregnancy and birth played a large factor in my silence over the past year or so. I am 38 years old. We were done, our family complete with two children, happy, content.

Then BAM!

New Years Day, 2021…

We find out we’re are expecting! 

Talk about a surprise and shock!

We love and ADORE our boy but was he planned? Not at all.

But again, aspects of life cause a lot of people, me in particular, to take a double take and wonder.

Pregnancy was hard. I was sick, constantly, and in the beginning, an emotional and hot mess, wondering how I could do this. My youngest daughter was only three, almost four. My oldest is now 14 years old! Doubt was heavy in my mind. Daddy was excited but me? Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE children. I love MY children but I know what I can handle. I am a high anxiety person, mother and two children was more than enough. My oldest helps me with my youngest while I try to work. Work, you ask?

On top of everything else, I started my own business. I started a VA business, helping companies on the backend of their own business. And I’m good at it. I’m fast, dedicated, and hard working. I love what I do but two children and a stay at home job and mother was more than enough.

We then find out we are having a son!

I went from OMG to O.M.G.


I have a son….

I’m so in love with him, I couldn’t imagine my life without him, without any of my children.

I look back, at the choices I’ve made in life and in general, and I’m so grateful for what I have, the blessings of my family, and know…

I’ll be okay. We’ll be okay.

It might take some adjustments in life but my family and I will be just fine.

And before anyone asks, yes, the baby shop of Desiree Scott is CLOSED!