Writer’s Block

So, this morning, I felt in the mood to vent and if my children weren’t sleeping, to scream!

To give a little back story, I’m an author of six published novels, two in a paranormal shifter world (with another in the works), three in a series of contemporary romance, and one romantic suspense. Now for the paranormal, I wrote those two books a few years ago and am currently into about 26k of the third and final book of that series.

Now this is where writer’s block comes into play. I’ve been stuck in this plot, outline, and chapters for a few years now! I have tried to take walks, clear my mind, take a step back and work on something else, all of the advice from other authors but SOMETHING isn’t working and I’m not sure what it is. So for the first time in a year or more, I’ve opened the doc, transferred everything into Scrivener (an awesome writing software), and tried to get back into it. It’s a good story. It has potential but something is missing, and I haven’t figured it out yet! It’s beyond frustrating. The first and second leaves the overall plot hanging, a cliffhanger, and I really need to finish it, to ty up loose ends, and I swear, for those awesome readers who are following Travis and Vanessa’s plot, the characters, I’m sincerely trying!

Any writers/authors out there with advice? It would be awesome if I could finish this novel for my publisher. Anyone who ever says that writer’s block doesn’t exist hasn’t met me and please consider themselves blessed that they have never gone through it! It’s not fun and extremely frustrating to have a novel half unfinished and stuck on where to go. Maybe I’m looking at it all wrong, now that I’m thinking about it. I don’t know how it ends. Maybe, just maybe, I should focus on the ending instead of where I’m at within the story. Maybe if I had the ending, I could write to that conclusion. It’s a thought and something I will try! Any other advice would be really appreciative!

Stay tuned, stay sane, and stay safe my awesome friends!

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