Research For The Perfect Witness – The FBI

I’ve been working on a thriller for the past few months, a new one. I have multiple and intense thrillers already in my queue but something about this plot, these characters, really has me hooked and I’m only the writer! I’m praying my readers feel the same way once I get it done. Now I’ve always known what the problem is when it comes to FINISHING the story. I start to stutter, and the flame is extinguished once I get to the investigative part of my plot. It always happens but like I said, something about THIS story, THESE characters, THIS killer, really got to me. Don’t ask me why. Don’t ask me how. I have no clue!

So, like always, I began to stutter at the 50k mark. It was nothing new, nothing I hadn’t been through before but unlike the other times, I wouldn’t let the unknown get to me. I couldn’t. I refused.

At this point, you might be asking me, what did you do if you are still working on it?

Funny you should ask.

(Laughs evilly)

I contacted multiple FBI agents! Yes, that’s right. I contacted Federal Agents from all over the United States, Agents who have experience and similar cases to my actual thriller.

One came through for me, willing to talk in detail, and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the phone call we had! I had emailed him some general questions and the synopsis after the first contact, and a phone call later, my brain is still spinning with all the new information I obtained. The amazing part is that the MAJOR plot holes I THOUGHT I had, I didn’t! Oh sure, I’m in major revisions of what I have now but I don’t have to change the whole story and that part is amazing, as is the knowledge I’ve gained to finish my other thrillers! I’m stoked. I’m excited. And I’m still working! I’m now up to 57k on the novel and going strong. I probably have another 10k to add before even progressing the novel forward. He also told me to save his number and he would be available for future questions or help if I need it, which I ALWAYS need it. LOL

He went over the plot, the characters, the occupations of the characters, the crime scenes, who would be involved, who WOULDN’T be involved, etc. It was an awesome eye opener and let me tell you, Criminal Minds and the other shows don’t go into this much detail or knowledge, and I’m so grateful to this Agent for being willing to assist me in my research, and the fact I have him on speed dial is just icing on the cake! Hahaha

Is there anything you WOULDN’T do for a story? What is the craziest thing you’ve had to research when writing a story? I would love to know!

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