The Writing Zone and Much Needed Coffee for the Hectic Writer!

Different Things I Do For The  “Writing Zone.”

I get asked a lot what I do to get into the zone, my routine so to speak. There isn’t one thing I do or don’t do.

Without coffee, I’m a zombie so that’s the first thing I do! Make me a nice and hot cup of coffee and sit down at my kitchen table, taking in the quiet.

Then I consider the scene I’m writing. Is it during an adrenaline rush? Is it slow? Is it romantic? Is it tragic? Depending on the scene, I begin to listen to soft music in tuned with what I’m writing. It’s also early, around 6 AM and I have found that is the best time for me, when my brain and thoughts are at full capacity. It also helps that the whole house is sleeping and it’s so quiet and peaceful.

I read the last scene I have written or revised and then begin. My process isn’t complicated or dramatic. It’s actually pretty boring when you think about it. There is no magic or this awesome strategy I do to crank out the words. It varies each day. Except the coffee. I ALWAYS need my coffee!!

I do seem to have a writing buddy. She’s so sweet and always wants to be around my clicky click keys of sound it seems LOL She’s not evil though, promise!

What’s your daily routine like? Do you do anything special during the day?

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