Snippet of The Perfect Witness

I know this is my second post today, back to back, but I wanted to give you all a small teaser of my thriller, Perfect Witness!


He watched the woman run, her long legs straining as she flew across the hard ground, stumbling through the woods. His night goggles glowed in the dark and the heat from her body was bright red, different shades, signaling her location as clear as day.

He grinned; his smile wide as a thrill raced through him. He followed her with his eyes, her frantic movements and it was almost time.

His way of playing with the women had completely changed from before. He found he had another method of spiking their terror.

Oh, they screamed at the end, even while running, trying to escape, screaming for help, their voices loud and shrill. He still cut them to pieces while they begged but now he played with them before tying them up and getting his pleasure, his satisfaction, in multiple ways and that thrill always gave him such a high, he could go on for days reliving it. And he could relive it. He had cameras set up everywhere through the woods and in the basement of the small cabin he had rented about an hour from town. That was something else he had altered, his souvenirs. He now had video of the women he could watch over and over again, coming hard as their screams filled the room. He didn’t know why he hadn’t thought of that before but now he didn’t, and his collection was growing.

Another thing he enjoyed was the beauty of the location. It was isolated and someone, a woman, could scream as loud as she wanted and there was no one around to hear her.

He had let this woman escape three times and even as that thrill coursed through his veins, he hated to be disappointed. He loved the chase, the anticipation but always seemed to be disappointed. They all gave up before way too soon. This was his third in the area and they were all the same but so far, all had given him pleasure.

All except one.

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