Project Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve been this emersed in writing, in a plot and characters. I have two projects I’m currently working on, one thriller and my paranormal, the third in my Vendetta series, Shattered Ties. It’s also been a while since I committed and completed Nano. Life can get hectic and what I’ve always wondered is why they made Nano in November?? The month of family and the month before Christmas! That month is always so busy for me and for a lot of people. I always have such high respect for authors and writers who complete and succeed in writing 50,000 words in that month!

Now even though I posted on Facebook that I was considering Nano this year, I’m still undecided. If I do it, I will be a Nano Rebel this year, using that month to complete one of my projects on my plate. It’s been a few years since I’ve published Bear’s Shadow, the second in my series and I have one left in that series to complete, Samantha and Aiden’s story, with Miranda and Jackson as a subplot. The overall plot is about an underground fighting ring where an evil and deadly organization is using drugs developed to halt the shifting process in its track, forcing them to live in their animals and fight to the death. That project so far is abot 26k words and no where near done.

The other project, just started a few months ago, is my thriller called Perfect Witness (not totally sure if that title will remain but it works for now.) This story is about a serial killer who tortures woman and murders them. Gabbi Barnett is the only survivor and was actually saved by the serial killer’s son!

Here is the blurb in the works and would love my reader’s thoughts on it!

He gets off on their terror.

He gets off on their pain.

He gets off on their screams.

A year had passed and back then, she had made a vow. She wouldn’t give him what he craved. She had survived but she’s the only one; the only survivor out of thirteen murdered women. Or was she?

A year. Now he’s back. She’s cost him everything. He was a highly respected doctor in a small community and now his name is forever linked to thirteen murders and it’s all her fault.

He escaped right after the trial and this time, will she survive again, or will he finally get his wish, her pleas for death?

Both projects are being worked on and I’m so excited that I’m making progress! Finally, after a few years, they are coming along! The thriller is already over 57k words and nowhere near done!

Wish me luck!

Stay turned and stay safe!

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