Constant Driving With A Toddler

Life can get hectic at times, pure chaos that knows no bounds. My life right now is pretty crazy. Being the mother of two, one turning 3 soon, makes it even more so. My little one is getting to where she hates the car and I don’t blame her. My 12 year old usually stays home because it’s less boring and more to do. My three year old doesn’t have that option but I usually make it up to her, in some way, even if it’s small.

Now we obviously don’t LIVE in our car. We are blessed that we have a solid roof over our head, food in our fridge and pantry, and money for the essentials. Money can be tight but our bills are paid and we are warm with full bellies. That’s more than a lot of people can say and I try to stress our blessings to my children. They’ve never been exposed to that side of humanity, loss, or desperation. But maybe they should.

I’ve been thinking…

How to help someone else and yet turn that into a lesson as well?

There are a few options.

Food donation. Charity.

But that doesn’t really enable that lesson to be taught and yet I want my children safe of course. A person never knows.

So I was thinking soup kitchens.

If anyone had any other suggestions on how me and my children can help those less fortunate while teaching them that we are indeed blessed with what we do have, please comment and let me know!

Prayers – Answered

The bills are piling up, stress is constant, tempers are short, and it’s a never-ending elevation of worry.

Then I pray. And continue to apply. Rinse and repeat. Pray. Apply. Pray. Apply.

Then it happens.

The email. Then the video chat interview. Then the offer contract.

Now suddenly, I am working from home, learning new skills, and it’s a new experience!

I get up in the morning, take my daughter to school, get my youngest fed, and then close to the door to my office where I am soon staring at two monitors with multiple programs and websites pulled up. I’m watching how-to videos on how and what a lot of the new terminology is.

Sales Pages. Traffic. Blogs. Marketing. Campaigns.

It’s overwhelming but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn, to grow. I love the challenge, and this is what my new job is; a learning challenge I’m prepared for.

My oldest still can’t believe that I made it. I managed it. I’m working from home when I didn’t believe it was possible. I still can’t believe that I get to work from home and still support my family!

I’m so thankful and blessed for what I have and for new beginnings and what the future holds! I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn, heck, hours before the sun, and leave the house! I don’t have to battle the rush hour traffic or hours before work to get through that traffic.

I won’t miss out on my daughters and the joy they bring me! I’m still in shock and so nervous what this new experience and job holds because it is new for me, but I’m blessed, and I know that! My daughters are healthy, happy, and growing into beautiful young girls and that thrills me beyond anything in this world!

So never stop believing. Never stop dreaming and aiming for those dreams. Anything is possible in life. You can make anything happen, be anything.

You just have to believe and this here is why I do what I do…