Asthma and Health

A mother doesn’t anticipate the scares of motherhood, the daily struggles of keeping your child whole, healthy, and happy. The terror is real. When our children are sick, all we can do is try our best and help them feel better. My daughter is two and she’s been sick for the past two winters. Very sick. Struggling to breath, congested, and a rattling cough that’s terrifying. She’s had croup three times in her young life, whooping cough once. When she’s sick, I cry, just wanting her to feel better. All parents want their children happy and healthy, to run, play, and life, just enjoying life. It hurts when they are laying on the couch with a fever. Thank goodness Winter is almost over!! Spring, for us, signals health.

However, this is the first winter where we have answers as to why and now I’m kicking myself as to how I couldn’t see it before, and in that way, would have been able to help my daughter better before now. The plus side is she’s getting a lot better and for that I’m thankful!

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