I do this everyone few years…..

Where should I apologize? How? Life gets crazy and multiple aspects of my life are put on the back burner and unfortunately my blog and my writing seem to be a few of them 😩

My youngest was born ❤️, both of parents fell ill 😭 and I had to care for them and they are just now getting well enough to get around, and stress has a funny way of altering one’s perspective of life and what’s important. So I’m feeling my way through the mine field of reality and what’s been tossed my way but in the long run, I also feel like it’s made me stronger, made me realize what I can handle, and how to deal with what life can throw you. Nothing is impossible. There is always a way around any obstacle. It’s just finding that path that works for you and your family without falling into the quicksand that can easily sink your soul. I’ll post another update soon of my new releases since my last posts so stay tuned!

Thank you all! I wouldn’t be here without you all cheering me on!


Yours Truly,