I’m baaacccckkkkk!!!!! :)

I’m back and with my lovely presence comes some exciting news!! Oh lord, I’m thrilled to anounce I have my FIRST EVER book signing this Saturday with the new release of Crescent Vendetta, Book One! I’m working on the second as we speak and after going through everything, I have decided to bring my blog back from the afterlife. This new release is a whole new take on shifters and the world they live in.


The summary:

In her life there is one rule: survive. Kidnapped and forced into an underground fighting ring, Vanessa Burns knows each day could be her last. A win and she wakes up tomorrow. A loss and they toss her out with those she’s defeated. Escape is futile; she’d tried and failed. Multiple times. And as she’s forced to live in her shifted form, she’s utterly powerless. So, her life has been dwindled down to one option. And she carries it out to the fullest of her abilities.

Then, another shifter is brought in. Travis Kameron, an Alpha, proves to be a formidable enemy. She knows the day is coming — when she and the Alpha are pitted against each other. And she knows she won’t win. The deadly encounter results in a bloody promise, and Vanessa must choose what is more important to her: fulfilling her vendetta against her greatest enemy, or obtaining the one thing she wants most in her life.


This story is fast paced and full of awesome characters! One five star review consist of:

“Read this in one setting. Could not put it down. There is the beginnings of a great series and enough supporting characters to move and shift to have many storylines to build upon. She did a wonderful job on creating the arc of the story and the empathy for the characters early in the story and built on that from the beginning. The child, I was hoping would turn but I guess I will have to read the next book to find out about Ava. I will definitely be ready to read another and would highly recommend it to anyone else as an intriguing read.”

If you want a copy, you can pick it up here!! 🙂


Until next time!! 🙂

Crescent Vendetta Poster 8halfX11.jpg

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