Negative (Harsh/Rude) Feedback – NOT Necessary

I know that it has been a while since I’ve checked in but the editing has really hit me full force for the past few weeks. I have also learned within that time not everyone will like an author’s work/books but to tear that person down brings humanity down to a whole new level and so unnecessary. To give good and constructive feedback is rare and a great talent to have and yet people don’t realize the damage that can occur if not done correctly. A person, someone told me today, has the ability to ruin an author’s book by one harsh and negative review. And you know what? They would be right.

My mother has always told me that if you do not have something nice to say, then please don’t say anything at all. Now I’m not saying NOT to review the books that are in terrible need of those reviews. That’s how writers learn and grow throughout their career. But when a person reviews and gives honest and constructive feedback, don’t JUST list the bad of the writing. What was good about it? What were their strengths? Did the story flow? The dialogue real? The characters well-developed? List the bad in a good light but define the good as well.


And THAT concludes my rant for the day! I would also like to let everyone know that my anthology, which has been edited and polished, will be released this afternoon on Amazon and will be available after 5pm on my website at for only $0.99!! My other book, The Darkness Within, is in the creative stages as we speak and people are being murdered. The cover reveal is below, as well as a rough draft of the blurb! Hope you enjoy and have a great day!!!

The Darkness Within Cover

The Blurb:

Lana Rowland has discovered a secret that someone will kill to keep. Upset at the direction of her life, Lana takes off hiking up the mountain and stumbles onto a lone cabin. She and another woman escape from a serial killer and have to make it down the mountain before they are killed. Will they succeed?

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