A Bit of Excitement

Good morning everyone!!

Today, I’m excited for a few reasons. First, I am VERY excited to announce that I have bought my first book cover and can’t believe it’s happening so fast. Reality is really starting to kick in and the doubts are beating down my door. Am I good enough? Will people like my work? Will they be satisfied with what I have to say? These are just a few questions, NOT the whole list.

Second, I am in the final editing stage of my Anthology, Murderous Connections, and can’t wait to be done with this project and start another one. The passion for writing has never been more powerful and for that, I am grateful. The words are clicking, the characters starting to come to life, and my recent class on Place and Setting has been a blessing. I know the editing stage is critical to the revision process but I am still finding it a pain! J

One bit of advice that I have for everyone. Please follow your dreams and let NOTHING keep you from fulfilling them. To be happy in today’s society is hard enough. Doing what you love with make life that much more special.

Have a wonderful day!! 🙂  🙂

One thought on “A Bit of Excitement

  1. Hey girl. You are definitely good enough. You are a writer, don’t doubt yourself. Believe it, because you already are. You inspire all of us and make us all want to write better. Good luck. I know you are going to make it and be a best selling author.


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