Projects Underway

Well, it’s a new day to begin the world of editing.

As of right now, I have an anthology of short stories about ready to be published (the book created by multiple authors for the victims of Sandy Hook victims and their families), my own anthology of short stories that is just about completed as well, in addition to five novels that are in process (one in the editing phrase), and four novellas that are on my radar as well.

Someone recently told me that my brain is either relieved or exhausted. My reply? It’s both! But for the first time in years, the amazing feeling of the words clicking, the characters coming to life, my sleep disturbed by those pesky little guys, and the plots are really starting to take shape and grow. The feeling of “needing to write” has once again hit me. I will soon post a list of titles for my wonderful friends to be on the look out for. 🙂

Everyone have a great day!!

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